Mumbai Airport: India’s Largest Art Gallery

We had finally arrived in Mumbai after approximately 33 hours of travelling from Cape Town. We still had one more flight to Kochi before catching (or rather missing) a train to Alleppey. We only had three hours between our flights and to collect our luggage, pass immigration and check-in for the connecting flight – we didn’t have much time to explore this airport, but you can’t help notice the amazing art pieces even in a state of over 30 hours of irregular sleep.

Mumbai International Airport’s new terminal opened in 2014 and is considered India’s largest public art gallery. The art pieces were collected and restored by award-winning curatorĀ Rajeev Sethi. He travelled the country for a period of three years to gather the objects for a display that runs for 3km through the airport on an 18-meter-high wall.

The Departure Halls at Mumbai International Airport

While we didn’t have much time to spend on Mumbai International Airport, the magnanimous art pieces make the art theme very difficult to miss. Roaming the halls of the arrivals and departure terminals may easily cause some to miss their flight. There are 7,000 art pieces produced by 1,500 Indian artists from across 27 states within the country. The display features both traditional and contemporary art pieces from multiple genres.

Some pics from the internet are featured below, but this is definitely a display you’d want to experience for yourself. You can also learn more about the artĀ installation on the official airport website.


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